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Successfully Fighting Astrology Content Thieves

(Astroblogging) One astrology blogger friend wrote in our blogging group: “This spam blog is now *stealing my traffic.* It’s one thing to steal content (which I know is just plain wrong) but when I search for the above keywords, the … Continue reading

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When Someone Violates Your Copy Right

(Astroblogging) Nothing frustrates a writer more than when someone lifts their work and uses it without permission. The thief may publish the article under his or her own name. Online writers face special challenges because their work is easily copied … Continue reading

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Astrology, Copyright and Plagiarism

Astroblogging)–By Tony Vowles Blogging is a personal and very rewarding pursuit. Technically it is easy for someone with basic IT skills to produce a website that appears very slick – beautifully designed templates can be slotted in at the click … Continue reading

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Blog Writing: Your First Amendment Rights and Copyright Law

The bedrock of a democracy is the ability to freely exchange ideas and information. Blogging face unique challenges since blogged works generally do not pass editorial review as do its print edition cousins. Since bloggers often reference and quote the … Continue reading

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