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When Someone Violates Your Copy Right

(Astroblogging) Nothing frustrates a writer more than when someone lifts their work and uses it without permission. The thief may publish the article under his or her own name. Online writers face special challenges because their work is easily copied … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Just Have to Fiddle With the Code

(Astro Blogging) You’ve seen some of your friends add a Facebook “Like” button and a “Tweet” button to each of their posts. And you think “Gee, I’d like to do that too!” Actually Blog Grader recommends that you do. This … Continue reading

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Grade Your Blog Here

(Astroblogging) I’m blogging this because Hub Spot told me I should. No, this is not some evil plot on Hub Spot’s part. A while back I wrote about Hub Spot’s Web Site Grader which is very cool way to see … Continue reading

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