#WordPress: I hate Gutenberg (and so will you)

33688947324_0efe2825bc_z(Astroblogging by Beth Turnage) Of course, you if use WordPress, you update regularly to the new features and you don’t think much about it. So I updated to the newest version, called Gutenberg on Astrology Explored.

It was a mistake.

I should have known disaster was about to unfold when the pop up flashed “welcome to the wonderful of blocks.”


Initially, your screen looks like you have a permanent visual editor, but no, it is more insidious. You use blocks for each little and separate thing you post. In the end, you have something that looks more orderly than a Jenga game but much more unruly.

This article explains all the drawbacks of Gutenberg nicely:

Editor Review: Please Don’t Include This In The WordPress Core

People have complained :

Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 4.05.17 AM

And this screenshot from the WordPress review page tells it:

Review Summary Gutenberg

1600 out of 2400 reviews one star?

But yet there were a few people who loved it, which probably gives the warm and fuzzies to the managers at WordPress, but for the rest of us who despise the thing? It’s just a darn good thing that enterprising developers developed different plug-ins to disable Gutenburg. And you can find it it here:

Disable Gutenberg

With over 100,000 installs and 306 out of 306 five star ratings, this seems the best solution to get rid of the headache that is Gutenberg. Jeff Star, the man who wrote Disable Gutenberg is my hero.

And WordPress Developers? I stopped playing with blocks at 3 years of age. I don’t need to play with them now that I’m in my 60’s.

Image published under a Creative Commons license granted by Flickr user Petr Sejba

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3 Responses to #WordPress: I hate Gutenberg (and so will you)

  1. Ed Perrone says:

    I have disabled the WP blocks editor on every WP site I do. By the same token, another site I use (mailerlite.com) has a block-based editor which I have no problem with. I think it may be what you are used to. I’ve used the traditional editor on WP for years — so don’t change it radically on me! But on the other site, I’ve only ever used their blocks editor, so it seems “natural.” But I, too, am VERY glad they came up with the plugins to disable this on WP.

  2. elsa says:

    It’s horrific!

    • Beth Turnage says:

      They had designed WordPress so that a user could run their own website. Gutenberg, to get advanced functionality, needs a programmer to get it do anything special. If you notice, the only people excited about Gutenberg are programmers. That should tell you something.

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