SEO–How To Capture Readers With Killer Headlines

(Astroblogging) Your headline is the point where you convert a person browsing the internet into your reader. But what is a good headline? What is going to grab the attention of both search engine and reader to drive traffic?

After the AMI headline analyzer stopped working for multiple searches, I’ve been looking for a replacement. Today I found it in CoScheduler’s headline analyzer. This baby is full of useful metrics and helpful suggestions.

Again the emphasis is on emotionally evocative words. Emotional and power words top the list of items to include in your headline, but they also point out the necessity of common and uncommon words. Your headline is judged against an optimal mix of these words, with the goal of getting over a score of 70. Sounds easy right? Hah! I had to work this title several times before I settled on the above. CoSchedule’s blog also has useful information on constructing blog headlines. I recommend you read it.

A caution though. You are writing headlines for astrology readers, so don’t forget to put in your astrology keywords into your headline. Sometimes what makes for a strong headline for other types of blogs doesn’t for astrology blogs. For instance my title:

The Astrology of Relationships-Fated, the Yod in the Composite Chart

only scores a 60 in CoScheduler’s analysis, but it is, by far the most popular post I’ve ever written.

If you give these suggestions a try, keep an eye on your traffic to see if you move the needle. And then let me know in a comment below.

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