Promoting Your Astrology Blog: Keywords and Search Words

keywords-search-wordsTo the left is not an instance of blog deja vu, but an illustration of Google’s Search Engines’ inventory of the keywords and search words on a recent blog post. Its no secret that to drive traffic you need to get the attention of the search engines, though some people aren’t sure how far to go with them. This recent post shows quantity counts. The more of a keyword or search word that you use, the more likely it is that Google will recognize that your post is actually about the subject you are writing about.

What you don’t see from this illustration is that Google inventoried everything on the page to see if the content was relevant to the search. The blog title was inventoried, as well as the titles of recent posts categories and also the titles of the Blog Roll. Talk about being thorough!

Since Saturn, from the way the post was written was mentioned umpteem times, the Search Engine felt confident enough, even though in Google’s eyes this blog is only days old, to list this post within the Top Ten results on the search “Saturn Astrology”.

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