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Blog Writing: Your First Amendment Rights and Copyright Law

The bedrock of a democracy is the ability to freely exchange ideas and information. Blogging face unique challenges since blogged works generally do not pass editorial review as do its print edition cousins. Since bloggers often reference and quote the … Continue reading

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SEO Tips: Using Google Analytics to Increase Traffic

Editor’s note: When Jeffrey Kishner, publisher of the number one astrology blog on the internet, Sasstrology offers to write a post for Astro Blogging, you’d be crazy to say no. And I wouldn’t, ever. Thanks, Jeffrey!. by Jeffrey Kishner The … Continue reading

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Blog Challenge: Make New Friends

When I was a Girl Scout, (yes, I was) there was a little round we sang: “Make new friends but keep the old, One is silver and the other gold.” Neeti Ray has shown through her own blogging efforts how … Continue reading

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Promoting Your Astrology Blog: Keywords and Search Words

To the left is not an instance of blog deja vu, but an illustration of Google’s Search Engines’ inventory of the keywords and search words on a recent blog post. Its no secret that to drive traffic you need to … Continue reading

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Promoting Your Astrology Blog: Facebook and Viral Marketing

LIke anything in marketing you toss oatmeal at the wall and see what sticks. I’ve been experimenting with Facebook and its different apps. Facebook has its advantages and as well as its limitations. Unless you put up a Page your … Continue reading

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Reader’s Question: Promoting Traffic For Your Astrology Blog

Hi Beth! How have you been? I see you moved to Astrology Media Press. I just read your article there on the astrology bloggers who lose interest and abandon their blogs, and I feel like I’m starting to fit that … Continue reading

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