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Sometimes You Just Have to Fiddle With the Code

(Astro Blogging) You’ve seen some of your friends add a Facebook “Like” button and a “Tweet” button to each of their posts. And you think “Gee, I’d like to do that too!” Actually Blog Grader recommends that you do. This … Continue reading

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Social Media: AOL Takes the Hint

A while back (Astroblogging)–I wrote a review on AOL’s Lifestream, a particularly useful app that incorporates various social media streams, like Facebook and Twitter, into one location. While I liked it, I saw one drawback: Where AOL runs short of … Continue reading

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Mudslinging Part 1: Improving Traffic on Your Astrology Blog


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Social Media: AOL Almost Hits a Homerun with Lifestream

AOL hasn’t made any major buzz since making their services free to everyone. The fact is, they seemed to flounder after that move. As the SocialMediaSphere evolved at lightning pace, and Google bent over backward trying to develop apps that … Continue reading

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Fine Tips of Blogging: Adding Images to Blog It

Many bloggers keep multiple blogs and often would like to post the same content on each. But who wants to keep posting the same entry over and over again? The options for cross-platform blogging are nearly non-existent, but one option … Continue reading

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Promoting Your Astrology Blog: Facebook and Viral Marketing

LIke anything in marketing you toss oatmeal at the wall and see what sticks. I’ve been experimenting with Facebook and its different apps. Facebook has its advantages and as well as its limitations. Unless you put up a Page your … Continue reading

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