Social Media: Using Twitter Trending Topics to Boost Readership

twitter-trending-topics1Like most of you, I’ve been ignoring the Trending Topics on the sidebar of my Twitter page. In a real Homer Simpson moment, I hit my head and moaned “doh!” when I realized the opportunities missed by not utilizing this free and totally useful tool.

Looking at October 21sts’ trending topics I saw two related topics to posts that were already online. One was “Halloween” the other was the “Google Wave”. While I haven’t written anything on the Google Wave itself, Astroblogging has two posts on using Google Analytics. No matter that these posts were already in the blogosphere, people want to know about these things NOW. So it was off to the tinyurl page to make bite sized Twitter friendly links to the posts and up they go.

To get your two seconds of fame on Twitter make sure that you post tags about your content. Tags are very easy, the sign “#” signifying a tag plus your keyword. For A Neptune Tale: The Devil You Know the tag looks like this #astrology, #Halloween.

Let me know if this works for you.

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