Choosing Your Platform

It is recommended by experts in the field that if you have a web site already, you should add a blogging component to your web site. Word Press is a popular blogging platform that you can install free on your web site. Go to to get the download to install. You have a wide range of free templates to choose from, or you can get the person who set up your web site design to match the blog design to your site.

You can set up a free account if you don’t have a web site at Word With a range of templates, some with uploadable headers, you can set up a professional looking blog. Another popular platform is Google’s Blogspot. The advantage to Google is its relative ease of use, plus having the advantage of combing a Google e-mail address with your site.

Other free platforms are Vox, Live Journal, My Space, and Stumble Upon.

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Astrologer since 1986 and blogger since 2007, I write a lot. Some people like to read it.
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