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SEO–How To Capture Readers With Killer Headlines

(Astroblogging) Your headline is the point where you convert a person browsing the internet into your reader. But what is a good headline? What is going to grab the attention of both search engine and reader to drive traffic? After … Continue reading

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Mudslinging Part 1: Improving Traffic on Your Astrology Blog


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Promoting Your Astrology Blog: Keywords and Search Words

To the left is not an instance of blog deja vu, but an illustration of Google’s Search Engines’ inventory of the keywords and search words on a recent blog post. Its no secret that to drive traffic you need to … Continue reading

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Reader’s Question: Promoting Traffic For Your Astrology Blog

Hi Beth! How have you been? I see you moved to Astrology Media Press. I just read your article there on the astrology bloggers who lose interest and abandon their blogs, and I feel like I’m starting to fit that … Continue reading

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Search Engines Are Not Smart

I mean the above title in a kind way. Search engines are programs that are set up to pick up words that match the words in a query and therefore have no actual intelligence behind them. Because a search engine … Continue reading

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