Astrology Blogger’s Toolbox–Writing Evocative Headlines

Toolbox(Astroblogging) No doubt about, your headline is an extremely important part of your blog post. Whether or not your post is read often depends on how carefully you crafted these critical first words.

According to the Advanced Marketing Institute, the key to grab readers is to amp up your Emotional Marketing Value. Headlines with words that evoke an emotional response are perceived more positively by readers. The AMI notes that most English language words have an emotional response value of 20%. However if you want to pull the reader in you need headline with 30 to 40% , while really gifted copyrighters get higher numbers.

There are three categories of Emotional Marketing Value words, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual.

Fewer words are best, and will improve your score. What score you ask? The score on the AMI’s free headline analyzer.

Let’s take a look at how I ended up with today’s blog headline.

My first choice I ran through the analyzer was this:

Writing Headlines for Emotional Impact.

It only scored 20%, not nearly good enough

Analyze This! Your Headline is Your Calling Card

Worse! It only scored 12.5%

Time to get creative here and broaden the vocabulary.

Astrology Bloggers Toolbox—Writing Evocative Headlines.

Score! The headline analyzes out at 60%.

Toolbox is a good word. It evokes the idea of getting to work and having useful tools. Writing and headline didn’t score too well in the other titles, so the word “evocative” seems key here.

The AMI headline analyzer was created as a tool for copywriters. However as a blogger you have additional goals to accomplish in writing your headline. The headline needs to contain at least one or two of your SEO keywords. You’ll notice that I include two SEO keywords, “astrology” and “blogger” in this headline. To bond your headline with your blog post, you need to repeat the words of the headline, including your SEO keywords at least once, if not more within the body of the post. Of course you want to do this in creative fashion, so as not to bore the reader. Not so hard, right?

Lynn Hayes found the AMI headline analyzer on the internet and our little astrology blogging group is having great fun with it. Check out the AMI headline analyzer and let me know your results.

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