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Where to Pimp Your Astrology Blog Posts

When you’re growing your astrology blog, you’re suffering from the “tree falls” syndrome. If nobody is there to read your posts, does your blog exist? Fortunately, there are tools available to help bring awareness to your blog. AstroDispatch The generous-of-spirit … Continue reading

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Should You Add a Forum to Your Astrology Blog?

(Astroblogging)–You know a blog is “alive” when it hosts a conversation. You’re not just posting articles about the cardinal square or the astrological topic of the day. Readers are actually commenting. This level of participation in turn helps motivate you … Continue reading

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How to Sell a Digital Product for Immediate Download on Your Blog

(Astroblogging)–In a previous post, I discussed how to make money from an astrology blog. An additional income source can come from selling your own ebooks or mp3 recordings of talks you’ve given. Of course, you can throw a PayPal button … Continue reading

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How to Respond to Requests for Free Advice

As a professional astrologer who – by virtue of having a blog – is perceived as available, you’re likely to receive requests for free advice. After all, you’re an expert. You might get hit up in your comments section, via … Continue reading

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How I Moved My WordPress Blogroll From My Sidebar to a Page

If you link to lots of other astrology blogs, that long list in your sidebar could make your pages much longer than you want them to be. In addition, I’ve heard tell that a link loses its power when it … Continue reading

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Social Networking and Astrology Blogger Boundaries

People in the astrology world just seem to friend each other left and right on Facebook, if only because, well, they believe in astrology. As if that is enough to justify a “friendship.” This is all well and good – … Continue reading

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The Quick and Easy Way to Display Mundane Charts on Your Blog

Although the addition of images to your blog posts significantly increases a reader’s sense of engagement, it requires more work on behalf of the blogger. This is especially the case when it comes to chart wheels. Let’s say you want … Continue reading

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How to Find Astrology Widgets for Your Blog

What is an astrology blog without bling? Although content is king, the widgets in your sidebar are often what give your blog its personality. (Or at the very least, toys with which your readers can twiddle if they’re bored by … Continue reading

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