Where to Pimp Your Astrology Blog Posts

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When you’re growing your astrology blog, you’re suffering from the “tree falls” syndrome. If nobody is there to read your posts, does your blog exist?

Fortunately, there are tools available to help bring awareness to your blog.


The generous-of-spirit Elsa runs AstroDispatch, a popular aggregator of astrology blog posts, articles and videos. This site is an excellent source of traffic. Elsa acts as an editor, so there’s no guarantee your blog will be included, or maybe your blog will be included but she won’t include every new blog post you publish. (I can’t speak for her, but this is what I’ve observed.)

My advice: Link to both ElsaElsa and AstroDispatch on your blogroll, then visit her Contact page. (1) Tell her you’ve linked to her. (2) Ask for your blog to be considered, and include your blog’s RSS feed. (If you have a WordPress blog, it’s just your URL followed by /feed.)

Reddit for Astrologyblogs

Chris Brennan of The Horoscopic Astrology Blog just this week created an Astrology Blogs channel on Reddit. You can submit your own posts (or your readers can do that for you), and Redditers (?) can vote links up or down in popularity.

You can promote this group with a widget or button, and if you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, message him and he can probably help you out with a button customized for the Astrology Blogs group.

Other Directories

Comment below: What did I leave out?

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5 Responses to Where to Pimp Your Astrology Blog Posts

  1. Albert says:

    thanks for sharing…

  2. Oops! Thanks for the reminder, Beth. I’ve just added it above.

  3. AstroFix says:

    Stumbleupon can be good too, though they don’t encourage submitting your own posts.

    • Beth Turnage says:

      Stumbleupon can give you great traffic is someone who has a goodly numbers of subscribers to their feed picks up your post.

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