Search Engines Are Not Smart

I mean the above title in a kind way. Search engines are programs that are set up to pick up words that match the words in a query and therefore have no actual intelligence behind them. Because a search engine does not discriminate between the intent of a search and the actual keywords involved, a reader may not get the exact results they are looking for, as any web surfer will tell you. Below is an example of a recent search by an actual reader looking for “world’s best astrology blog sites.”


Here I am the happy receiver of a hit due to a number four placement on this search. If you look at the search carefully you’ll see all the words the surfer was looking for and my blog just happened to have them. Notice also the search engine picked up on the “Bloggie” button I installed. I nominated myself as “The Best Blog about Stuff”, proving once again that any little thing you do to promote your site pays off in some form or another. Keep plugging in those keywords and tags and you too will eventually rise to front page status on a Google search.

About Beth Turnage

Astrologer since 1986 and blogger since 2007, I write a lot. Some people like to read it.
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