Ack! Facebook Changes Annoy Once Again

(Astroblogging) You’ve probably seen this note when looking into Facebook:

Changes to How You Share Content in Notes
You currently automatically import content from your website or blog into your Facebook notes. Starting November 22nd, this feature will no longer be available, although you’ll still be able to write individual notes. The best way to share content from your website is to post links on your Wall. Learn more about notes.

Now that is an inconvenience! I loved how Networked Blogs would automatically post to whatever page I set up. This allowed me to post content from all my blogs at once on three separate pages, my personal page, and Astrology Explored and Astrology Media Press. Then happily the posts would move along to Twitter.

You can take away my email notifications, you can chuck my application notifications but please Mark Zuckerberg don’t take away the my auto posts. I have some choice words for you, its just that they aren’t fit for a family audience. Expect a zinging email. I’m telling you if you don’t let me aggregate I’m going to be aggravated!

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2 Responses to Ack! Facebook Changes Annoy Once Again

  1. Facebook’s recent rearrangement of how they list top posts in the news feed is also big loss for bloggers as well, because it seems like it isn’t as easy to make your posts “sticky” so that they get stuck to the top of the news feed for an entire day for all of your friends. It seems like they tried to fight back against Google+ by copying their format where it is more of a live stream, but in the process they really watered down an important part of what makes Facebook important for publishers. I hope that they realize the mistake and correct before too long.

    • Beth Turnage says:

      One can hope, but based on past performance I don’t expect it.

      Many of Facebook’s changes seem so counter intuitive. But FB is not really concerned about making businesses, publishers or others promoting their work happy. FB seem way too concerned they are giving businesses something for free. In actuality businesses, special interests and celebrities draw people to FB.

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